Bulk Folders

Shopping for Folders in Bulk

When shopping for folders in bulk, what are you looking for? There are many different types of folders, and each type has its own purpose, pros, and cons. We carry all types of folders, and you might find the bulk packs we sell very useful indeed.

Bulk folders allow you to make mistakes when writing on or labeling folders because you can just toss or recycle the folder that is mislabeled or labeled poorly. Bulk folders help you get organized without running out of folders, which, oddly enough, is a common problem when you have a lot of documents and paperwork that need filing and organizing. All of the single folders in bulk that we sell work well with hanging file systems, or in plastic, see-through file boxes that allow you to see exactly what you have filed inside from a single glass through the plastic top, or when you open the top to look at your nice, neat labels.

Single Folders in Bulk

Single folders are your typical cream/taupe color, but you can also get multicolor packs of folders in bulk. Colored folders give you an added means to organize, allowing you to color-code the things you file (e.g., green for "good to go/complete", blue for "needs approval", red for "stop; refuse to do or wait until a later date", etc.). Maybe you just want to buy the multi-color packs of bulk folders so that you can pull out all the folders of your favorite colors or colors that match the colors in your business's logo.

Additionally, we sell accordion files/folders, multi-tab, and multi-pocket folders, expanding files, and lots of different sizes and styles of hanging folders that come already hung on their hooked brackets for easier filing in your filing cabinets and filing drawers. Some of these types of files you may buy in smaller amounts, but the majority of them are packaged in bulk. You will find this beneficial not just for the amount of folders you get with your purchase, but also for the price you pay. It is much cheaper and a smarter investment for your business in the long run if you buy your office supplies in bulk from us.